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New Zealand Christmas Fun Activity Pack

Product Description
New Zealand Christmas Fun Activity Pack - Buy Here
This is a pack of 23 New Zealand based Christmas activities. Great for ending your year with a bit of fun and creativity
Activities include:
*Word Find
*Ultimate Toy Design
*Letter to Santa
*Kiwi Christmas Poem
*Ultimate Christmas Trip
*Christmas Menu
*Christmas Card #1
*Christmas Card #2
*Christmas Alphabet Challenge
*Christmas Cube
*Tree Decoration
*Jandal Art
*Wanted Poster
*Board Game
*Ultimate Present List
*Christmas Bookmark
*Christmas Postcard
*Christmas Colouring #1
*Christmas Colouring #2
*Christmas Colouring #3
*Christmas Senses Poem
*Christmas Present Tags
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Strategy Tests Pack - Stage 4 - Gloss Style Questions  - New Zealand

Product Description Buy Here
This is a set of STAGE 4 Gloss style strategy write on test sheets designed to help New Zealand teachers quickly assess where their students are in relation to the New Zealand Numeracy strategy levels. Easy to administer and mark.
Students answer the tests in written form. There are answer sheets included that give several different strategies that could be used to answer the question at this stage.
This resource can also be used as teaching worksheets or posters on the wall.
Great for Pre and Post testing.
This pack has three tests (including answer sheets) for each strategy areas;
-Ratios and Proportions.
(NOTE: Stage 4 Gloss test uses materials as part of its testing. This resources tries its best to replicate this in a written form.)
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Strategy Tests Pack - Stage 4 - Gloss Style Questions  - New ZealandStrategy Tests Pack - Stage 4 - Gloss Style Questions  - New Zealand

Australian Curriculum Unit Plan Templates. Foundation Year to Year 7

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These A4 unit plan templates are great for all your planning needs. Fabulous for your own units of work or those TpT/Online units you buy that don’t come with Australian Curriculum planning included.
They include the Australian Achievement Standards, Content Descriptions and Capabilities. Highlight you curriculum content, add in your learning objectives, learning activities, resources and assessment.
Easy to use and fully editable in in MS Word and Google Docs. Most Units are one or two A4 pages.
Foundation Year to Year 7 in all curriculum areas. English, Maths, Science, HASS, Health & PE, The Arts, Technologies
See all year levels here: http://bit.ly/bexozplanning
Foundation Year = bit.ly/bexozupf
Year 1 = bit.ly/bexozup1
Year 2 = bit.ly/bexozup2
Year 3 = bit.ly/bexozup3
Year 4 = bit.ly/bexozup4
Year 5 = bit.ly/bexozup5
Year 6 = bit.ly/bexozup6
Year 7 = bit.ly/bexozup7
See all year levels here: http://bit.ly/bexozplanning

Destination Zoo - A NZ School Journal Project

Product Description http://bit.ly/bexdestinationzoo
Destination Zoo is an engaging and motivating reading project where students travel around a zoo learning about different animals. They get to utilise the many New Zealand School Journals that schools have access to.
18 activities, 23 animals and 62 Journal stories or articles. Weeks of fun!!
At each animal students visit, they will choose a reading task that will earn them ‘Likes’ on their Zoo App. The better they do the task the more likes the teacher can give them. At the end of the project students can be given the opportunity to use their Likes to pay for a special reward. E.g. Movie Day.

Destination Zoo is the third in the series that include Destination World and Destination  New Zealand.  There are all new activities for this project version.

Article Activities
1) New Animal Enclosure 
2) Fact Bookmark
3) Word Definitions
4) Mini Report
5) Topic Vocab
6) Wacky Animal
7) Letter Writing
8) Draw and Label an animal
9) Persuasive Writing
Story Activities
10) Email a Character
11) Character Quote
12) Design a new Character
13) Diary entry
14) Txt Message
15) Story Flip Book
16) Story Pyramid
17) Setting Picture
18) Rewrite the end

How to run the project.
There are a few ways you can run this project. 
1) You can use it as an independent project where students work through at their own pace.
2) Whole class, where the teacher sets the task and activity for everyone at the same time.
3) Run it with your existing differentiated groups where you choose the story and response you want them to do.

Destination Zoo - A NZ School Journal ProjectDestination Zoo - A NZ School Journal ProjectDestination Zoo - A NZ School Journal Project
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